Features of Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection for retail businesses against a range of risks, including property damage, theft, and liability. Here are some of the key features of Shop Insurance:

  1. Property coverage: The policy provides coverage for damage to the shop building and its contents, including fixtures, fittings, and stock.
  2. Business interruption coverage: The policy provides coverage for lost income and other expenses arising from business interruption, such as if the shop is closed for repairs after a fire or flood.
  3. Theft coverage: The policy provides coverage for theft of stock and other items from the shop.
  4. Public liability coverage: The policy provides coverage for liability claims made against the business by third parties, such as customers who are injured on the shop premises.
  5. Employers liability coverage: The policy provides coverage for liability claims made against the business by employees, such as in the event of a workplace injury.
  6. Policy limits: Shop Insurance typically has policy limits that determine the maximum amount the insurer will pay in the event of a claim.

It's important to carefully review the coverage options and policy limits of Shop Insurance to ensure that the policy meets the needs of your business. An insurance professional can help you assess your risks and determine the appropriate coverage for your business. Shop Insurance is an important consideration for retail businesses, as it can help protect against financial losses arising from a range of risks.

Standard cover

Stock and contents cover for your shop

You should include your shelves, racking, till systems, stock and high-risk goods like alcohol, tobacco, leather and designer items within your shop's contents insurance. If you'd like to add cover for frozen stock, cover for seasonal increases in stock or cover for stock in transit these options are also available.

Glass cover for retail premises

It's common for shop owners to be responsible for the glass within the store, including glass in cabinets and showcases, as well as the shop front. Therefore, we give you the choice to cover it as part of your policy. If your glass display is completely unique, we can specify this within the cover to ensure that if it is accidentally damaged you will have cover to replace it as it was before.

Retail business interruption cover

Whether you have experienced a break-in or a burst pipe and have had to close-up shop whilst repairs are carried out, we can provide business interruption insurance to protect your fixed costs in the meantime. Business Interruption covers you for the loss of gross profit suffered due to a reduction in trading whilst you were closed.

Public and employers' liability cover for shops

If you have employees your Shop package policy will automatically include employers’ liability cover to meet your legal requirements. Public and products liability insurance are also included as standard. These are very useful should a customer allege an accident in your shop or from using a product you have sold.