Combined commercial liability insurance policies

Combined Commercial Liability Insurance, also known as a Business Owner's Policy (BOP), is a type of insurance policy that combines several types of liability coverage into one package. The coverage typically includes property insurance, general liability insurance, and business interruption insurance.

The main purpose of Combined Commercial Liability Insurance is to provide comprehensive coverage for businesses at a lower cost than purchasing separate policies for each type of coverage. This type of policy is designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, such as retailers, service providers, and offices.

Here are some of the key features of Combined Commercial Liability Insurance:

  1. Liability protection: The policy provides coverage for third-party claims for injury or damage to property that occurs on the business premises.
  2. Property coverage: The policy covers physical damage to the business property, such as fire, theft, and natural disasters.
  3. Business interruption: The policy provides coverage for financial losses due to the interruption of business operations following a covered loss.
  4. Policy limits: Combined Commercial Liability Insurance typically has policy limits that determine the maximum amount the insurer will pay in the event of a claim.
  5. Customizable coverage: The policy can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business, including adding coverage for specific types of risks.
  6. Single policy: The policy combines several types of coverage into one policy, making it easier to manage and reducing the administrative burden of having separate policies.

It's important to carefully review the coverage options and policy limits of Combined Commercial Liability Insurance to ensure that the policy meets the needs of your business. An insurance professional can help you assess your risks and determine the appropriate coverage for your business.

If you need more than product liability insurance, we offer cover for stock held at your premises, buildings, loss of income, employers’ liability and cyber risks. We offer goods in transit to cover your goods in deliveries. Marine cargo insurance can be arranged to cover any import or exports of goods whilst in transit worldwide. All this cover can be built into one policy with one renewal date. Speak to one of our specialist team and see what they can do for you.