Features of Pub Insurance

Pub Insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection for pubs, bars, and other establishments that serve alcohol. Here are some of the key features of Pub Insurance:

  1. Property coverage: The policy provides coverage for damage to the pub building and its contents, including fixtures, fittings, and stock.
  2. Business interruption coverage: The policy provides coverage for lost income and other expenses arising from business interruption, such as if the pub is closed for repairs after a fire or flood.
  3. Theft coverage: The policy provides coverage for theft of stock and other items from the pub.
  4. Public liability coverage: The policy provides coverage for liability claims made against the business by third parties, such as customers who are injured on the pub premises.
  5. Employers liability coverage: The policy provides coverage for liability claims made against the business by employees, such as in the event of a workplace injury.
  6. Liquor liability coverage: The policy provides coverage for liability claims made against the business related to the sale of alcohol, such as if a patron becomes intoxicated and causes harm to themselves or others.
  7. Policy limits: Pub Insurance typically has policy limits that determine the maximum amount the insurer will pay in the event of a claim.

It's important to carefully review the coverage options and policy limits of Pub Insurance to ensure that the policy meets the needs of your business. An insurance professional can help you assess your risks and determine the appropriate coverage for your business. Pub Insurance is an important consideration for establishments that serve alcohol, as it can help protect against financial losses arising from a range of risks.

Standard cover

Public liability and employers' liability insurance for pubs

Provides cover up to to £5,000,000 for sums you become legally liable to pay in respect of accidental injury you any person or accidental loss or damage to their material property happening in the course of your business or caused by the nature or condition of anything sold for which you’re legally liable. Our employers' liability cover can provide up to £10,000,000 for sums you become legally liable to pay as damages, together with your legal costs and expenses relating to an injury to an employee for which you are legally liable.

Free risk management guidance with your pub insurance

Free with your pub insurance, the Towergate Risk Management web portal helps you keep your pub compliant with health and safety, HR, business continuity and driving risks. It offers automatic updates about any changes made to regulations and guides you to any gaps that need addressing in your existing health and safety arrangements. It also provides access to free online downloads about effective risk assessment.

Add entertainment cover to your pub insurance policy

Events and entertainment are activities that sometimes require extra cover. If you hold events, it is vital that you discuss your plans with your insurer. Even if the cover doesn’t cost you any extra, you must have it noted on your pub insurance policy. Very few businesses can afford to be without public liability insurance in the event of a liability compensation claim. If you give us as much information as you can during your quote, you only need to call your insurer if and when the situation changes.

Contents insurance for pubs

Pub insurance contents cover includes your fixtures and fittings, equipment, and stock against a range of perils; including explosion, fire, storm damage, malicious damage and theft involving forcible and violent entry or exit from the premises. It also covers against the leakage of beer & beverages from pumped containers and subsequent damage to contents, as well as a range of other perils specific to your trade. We can additionally provide building insurance for your pub if you own the building.