Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection for commercial buildings and their contents. Here are some of the key features of Commercial Property Insurance

  1. Coverage for building and structures: The policy provides coverage for damage to the commercial building, including the walls, roof, flooring, and other structures.
  2. Coverage for contents: The policy provides coverage for contents of the commercial building, such as furniture, equipment, and stock.
  3. Business interruption coverage: The policy provides coverage for lost income and other expenses arising from business interruption, such as if the commercial building is closed for repairs after a fire or flood.
  4. Additional expenses coverage: The policy provides coverage for additional expenses incurred as a result of a covered loss, such as temporary relocation expenses.
  5. Glass coverage: The policy provides coverage for damage to glass windows, doors, and other fixtures.
  6. Policy limits: Commercial Property Insurance typically has policy limits that determine the maximum amount the insurer will pay in the event of a claim.

It's important to carefully review the coverage options and policy limits of Commercial Property Insurance to ensure that the policy meets the needs of your business. An insurance professional can help you assess your risks and determine the appropriate coverage for your business. Commercial Property Insurance is an important consideration for business owners, as it can help protect against financial losses arising from damage to the commercial building and its contents.

As a business owner, it’s likely that your premises are one of your most valuable assets. That’s why we’ve developed a series of commercial property insurance products to help protect your place of business should disaster strike. If you operate your business from home, you may be unaware that a different type of insurance is required. Our home business insurance can cover damage to office equipment, and we can also access policies suitable for B&B owners.